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The afrobeat king

Ugovin is one of the most exciting artist Mancunis has had the privilege to sign and work with. He represents everything we stand for and what we encourage in upcoming artists. Dedication to the art, hard work, spirituality and the willingness to collaborate with others.

At Mancunis we do not wait for luck, we project what we want from thought into existence.

When Ugovin came to us he was already a successful Nollywood actor and budding artist. The picture you are looking at was taking up to 22 hours into a work day. The set was built, dancers /make up artists /catering/rehearsals all in one day. Filming was condensed to about 6 hours. At 7 am I received a call from Ugovin that the session was completed. This man was on the grind for over 35hrs non stop!!! My question was where did the energy in the video itself come from as I could not detect any tiredness.

But truth is I knew the answer, when you know what you want and you are ready to pay your dues, those 35hrs look like nothing and you would easily go on for longer. All of this is grounded in a persons spirituality, or as I see it, the awareness of infinite potential in every single human consciousness.

Stay safe people!

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