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The Mancunis Project

Great artists are characterized by fearless innovations, creativity and unhindered expression. Whether it’s a song that makes us dance, a new dance or a video that pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling and both defines and captures an era, Pioneers always give birth to something new, carry what's existing a mile further. When you bring talent together, people who are willing to work hard, willing to learn and adapt / experiment, innovate fiercely, dormant magic in the subconscious rises to the conscious. At that defining moment you realize you have stumbled on something special. 

At Mancunis we want to create an environment where such energies are born. Innovation encouraged and creativity is guided and converted to a consumable product.

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The Mancunis project is a platform born in Northern England to support local artists. However due to higher than expected demand to be part of the community from other parts of the world we have opened membership to people interested in music worldwide. At Mancunis you have the chance to collaborate with people in the community. Mancunis is powered by a community of musicians, marketers, photographers and videographers. sign up and be active!


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