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humble beginnings

in the morning 25th June 2020 - I decided to stop and reflect on the journey so far since "screams from Atlantis" was released. The song was first out on the Mancunis platform then distributed to all streaming platform, itunes, spotify etc. A video that can do the song justice would be cost prohibitive so we decided on lyric video. Now for the big players out there, they can command 100K views in 6 hrs on youtube.....but almost 6K views in 6 days for an unknown artist from a start up record label? wooow that is champaigne poppin worthy if you ask me.

at the same time it is humbling to look into the future and see what it takes to reach that 100K in 6hrs status. Daunting isn't it? but what if a kid comes around with some talent and the right dose of determination? I think that kid stands a good chance and igniting that kids dream is what I live for. Stay safe people!

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