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Ugovin Feat Nedu  "Your Love" out now!!


Framework EP by King UGOVIN 


Book Of Jericho "Love Jones" EP  

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Perky joined the Mancunis family with a 5 year plan in her about dedication !! she is a young boss lady with a level of professionalism that is expected at the highest level. She raps, sings and writes her own songs. Perky hit the grown running with a guest appearance on a Jericho Juce track coming out soon. Mancunis welcomes you and wish you the best in your career!



The king of Afrobeat has arrived! Ugovin is an established artist / producer and actor. He is known in the nollywood scene and has played in several nollywood films. Ugovin is serious about his music and has signed with Mancunis as  a platform to reach an international audience and springboard his career to the next level. Welcome to the family! 




K-Kanayo is one of those unsung heroes with a rare ability to inspire . Back in the hustle days in Vienna he once asked his peers "what is happening?" The response he got was "nothing!" 

upon which he replied with a tone of authority "GOOD, THEN LETS MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN"

That statement galvanized a bunch of young kids into action, major labels came knocking and K-Kanayo made sure local businesses got a piece of the action in sponsorship deals.....SLICK!!

What followed was several top ten hits, gold and platinum records and a spinoff act that made it to charts in multiple countries with a follow up tour. Today he runs a few businesses and owns TeaJoint Records, but make no mistake he still sings like the wind and spits fire!


Jericho Juce


Jericho was instrumental with K-Kanayo for establishing a musical movement in Vienna Austria that inspired many local chart topping artists.

Now lives in Manchester or the "Bee -town" as he calls it, Jericho wears several hats. A Songwriter and Producer for Mancunis records, he also scouts for new talents in the community be that in artistry or grooming new leadership



CHISHA is a down to earth singer songwriter who joined the Mancunis family right from the start and adds alot of creative input. A true Mancunian who loves her city. Sings like the wind and if you listen, you might feel her pain. Listen and you might hear the joy. Listen and you might get to know a real Mancunian!. She is currently in the Mancunis kitchen cooking up her album 

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